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Community Engagement Survey
The City of Pittsburgh is performing a comprehensive analysis of the city's farmers' market system in order to develop a plan for growth that improves equitable access to fresh, affordable food while supporting our regional food producers. Please complete the following survey and add your perspective and expertise to the study!
If your local stores(s) began sourcing significant amounts of locally grown produce, meat, and dairy, would you continue shopping at farmers markets? Why or why not?
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How do you keep up with farmers markets in your area?
What constitutes a local food product to you? (How would you identify something as a local food product?)
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How should farmers markets serve the needs of residents seeking healthy foods? Pick the top 2 from this list:
How can Pittsburgh farmers markets best assist community leaders in encouraging neighborhood wellness?
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What qualities you seek when buying a local farm product? Pick the top 2 from this list:
What formal role should the city play in supporting local food initiatives?
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