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Fostering Application form
Friends of Animals Wales
Charitable company no: 07713750
23 Church road, Ton Pentre, Rhondda Cynon Taff, CF41 7EB

TEL 01443 800339

The questionnaire is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers! It is our way of learning a little bit more about you, your family and your circumstances so that we can give you the best advice possible.

What we do insist on with fosterers is that the dogs would not be left for more than 4 hours each day without company (or someone at home the majority of the time with puppies) .

A secure garden/area or adequate provisoins for regular exercise and toilet break for the animal.
But most of all what is needed is love patience and understanding.

As a fosterer you will be unable to adopt the first three foster dogs/cats that come through my home unless agreed at time of interview?



Name/s *
Firstname & Surname
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Full Address *
Including Postcode please as we use this when homechecking successful applicants
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Telephone numbers *
Landline and Mobile please
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Email address *
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Which animals do you want to foster? *
Have you adopted from Friends of the Animals RCT before? *
If so, please give the dogs/cats/rabbits name and date adopted
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Have you fostered for a rescue previously? *
If so, please give details of the rescue and a brief summary of the animals you have fostered
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Have you ever had to return a foster to rescue?
If so please provide full details
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Please provide details of Adults in your household *
Anyone over 18
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Do either of these Adults work and if so what hours? *
Please provide full details of working hours of primary carers
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Please provide details of all the children in your household and ages *
Please also provide details of visiting children or grandchildren and highlight if they are grandchildren
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Please give details of any resident pets including age, breed etc *
Dogs, cats, small furries etc
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Are all resident dogs/cats/rabbits neutered and if not why not? *
We only allow people to foster if all resident dogs/cats are neutered. If not neutered for medical reasons, please provide confirmation from your vets.
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Are all resident dogs/cats/rabbits vaccinated? *
If not, as a fosterer you place your dogs at risk of diseases
If you have resident pets, please give the name and telephone number of your vet. *
If approved as a fosterer we will register our details with your vet.
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Please give details of your accommodation, *
i.e. house, flat, bungalow etc
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Is your property *
If your property is rented do you have written consent or agreement that states Pets are allowed in your home? *
Evidence of this will be checked at time of homechecking
Do you have a garden?
Only applicable for dog/rabbit fosterers as foster cats are not allowed outside the home
What height are your fences or walls *
Please provide information in feet & inches
Your answer
Is your garden secure, could a dog get under, through or over your fence or walls. Is there any visibility through the boundaries, fences, or railings?
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What type of dog/cat/rabbit do you have in mind to foster? *
Please provide as much detail as possible about the types of dogs you would like to foster.
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Have you seen a dog/cat/rabbit advertised that you wish to foster. *
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How many hours a day would your foster dog/cat/rabbit be left? *
Please state if this would be alone or with another dog
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How many days per week would this be? *
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Where would the dog/cat be left when you are out of the house?
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Please give brief details of your daily dog walking routine and if it's weather permitting
We need to match energy levels of our foster dogs with you and your dogs.
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I understand and agree that if I am a new fosterer, I will be unable to adopt the first three foster dogs/cats that come through my home? *
Are you happy for prospective adopters to come and meet the foster dog/cat/rabbit in your home? *
Are you happy to complete the adoption paperwork and to collect the donation, this would include sending the paperwork and donation to Friends of the Animals RCT? *
Full details are provided to you in a rehoming pack that comes with your foster dog
Fosters will not be allowed to adopt the first 3 foster dogs/cats that come through their care, If after this time if fosterers would like to apply to adopt their foster dog/cat, they must do so before the interview stage of the adoption process starts. *
Do you understand and agree with this?
If a fosterer adopts their foster dog/cat, the FULL adoption fee will apply. *
Do you understand and agree with this?
If you are unable to continue fostering a dog/cat in your care for whatever reason, we will make every effort to move the dog/cat to another fosterer as soon as possible. If this is not immediately possible, we may need you to keep the dog/cat until an alternative placement can be found, or the dog/cat is found a place in kennels *
Do you understand and agree with this?
Please give any other information you think may be helpful in your application *
Please give any other information that may help us.
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Do you have transport, and where can you collect a foster dog/cat from. *
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