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香港舞蹈年獎HONG KONG DANCE AWARDS 2019 提名表格 Nomination Form
截止日期Deadline︰3 - 1 - 2019 (四Thur)

香港舞蹈年獎由香港舞蹈聯盟在1999年設立,致力於表揚香港舞蹈界的優秀工作及傑出成就,並提升公眾對本地舞蹈工作成就的認知。舞盟即日起公開接受「香港舞蹈年獎2019」的提名,藉此機會表揚2018年度本地藝術家及舞蹈團體的出色表現及製作。各獎項將於2019年4月18日 (星期四) 在葵青劇院演藝廳舉行的「香港舞蹈年獎2019匯演暨頒獎禮」上公佈和頒發。
The Hong Kong Dance Awards were established in 1999 by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance to acknowledge outstanding achievements in Hong Kong Dance industry and raise public awareness of the diversity and excellence of local dance scene. The 21th Hong Kong Dance Awards is now open for nominations, the public is welcomed to submit nominations for the Awards to recognize artists/ dance organizations’ outstanding performance and productions throughout the year of 2018. Awards are presented to recipients annually at a Gala Performance and Award Presentation Ceremony. Awards will be announced and presented at The 21th Hong Kong Dance Awards Presentation & Gala Performance, which will be held at Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium on 18 April 2018 (Thursday).

查詢 Enquiries
電話Tel:2267 6733

備註 Remarks
- 不必為所有組別提名You do not have to make nomination(s) in all the categories above;
- 可於同一組別填寫多個提名 You may submit more than one nomination in each category;
- 詳情及細則可於www.hkdanceall.org參閱「香港舞蹈年獎程序和規則」 You may refer to the Procedures and Rules for Hong Kong Dance Awards at for more details.
第一部分 Part 1: 提名人資料 Nominee Information
(所有資料絕對保密All information will be kept as confidential)
姓名 Name *
香港舞蹈聯盟會員Member of HK Dance Alliance
團體名稱 Organization (如適用 if applicable)
電郵Email: *
電話 Phone: *
第二部分 Part 2: 提名內容 Nomination
編舞 Choreography (必須是2018年香港演出的原創作品must be original work created in HK in 2018) (請列明編舞及舞蹈作品之名稱 Please specify the name of the choreographer and the work)
舞蹈製作 Production (大型埸地 Large Venue: 超過750個座位with more than 750 seats; 中型埸地 Medium Venue: 250至750個座位 with 250 to 750 seats; 小型埸地 Small Venue: 少於250個座位with less than 250 seats)
群舞演出 Ensemble Performance (請列明:舞蹈製作及團體/組織之名稱 Please specify: name of production & company/group)
男舞蹈員演出Performance by Male Dancer(請列明: 舞者、角色及舞蹈製作之名稱 Please specify: the name of dancer, his role and production)
女舞蹈員演出Performance by Female Dancer (請列明: 舞者、角色及舞蹈製作之名稱 Please specify: the name of dancer, her role and production)
燈光/視覺設計 Lighting and/or Visual Design (請列明: 是燈光及/或視覺設計,以及舞蹈製作之名稱 Please specific: the nomination is for Lighting and/ or Visual Design, and also the name of production)
舞台/服裝設計Set and/or Costume Design (請列明: 是舞台及/或服裝設計,以及舞蹈製作之名稱 Please specific: the nomination is for Set and/ or Costume Design, and also the name of production)
配樂/聲音設計 Music Composition and/or Sound Design (請列明: 是配樂及/或聲音設計,以及舞蹈製作之名稱 Please specific: the nomination is for Music Composition and/ or Sound Design, and also the name of production)
舞蹈教育/青少年、社區或環境舞蹈 Dance Education, Youth, Community, or Environmental Dance
舞蹈服務 Outstanding Services to Dance
感謝您的提名 Thank you for your Nomination!
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