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SCIVIS Registration
Hello Chaperones!
Registration for SCIVIS is now open! The first step in this new process is to register as a group during the SCIVIS week, Sept. 29 to Oct. 4.
You have two ways to register:

1. You can register as an individual. These are usually students who travel alone or with someone to Space Camp who is not a chaperone. If you want to register in this manner, please email Dan Oates and request an email invitation to register. Dan will be your group leader ( Please send the following information. Just cut and paste into an email.

Name of student:
Program registering:
(go to to determine this based on age and interest)
Age at time of camp:
Grade at time of camp:
Parent Name:
Contact #:
Email address:

2. Or ….. you can register with a group leader. This is usually someone from your school or a vision teacher acting as a chaperone. See below for instructions. Groups can be for as little as one attendee as long as there is a chaperone accompanying the student.

NOTE: The price you see is the seasonal price for Space Camp before the group discount. That is not the group price you will pay. Our prices are $895 for all programs except Advanced Academy ($1025). All payments to Dan Oates, 190 Armstrong St., Romney, WV 26757. Checks and PayPal (with fees) are methods of payment.

Group Registration Instructions
If you want to register as part of a group, your group leader or chaperone must first enroll his or her group. Once that is completed within the registration system at Space Camp (can take up to a week) , your group leader will send you an invitation to register your student(s) or child.
Once you are registered as a group leader, then you will be able to see which students are registered, which forms are completed, etc. You can fill out their registration or send the parents an invitation to complete the forms. The big takeaway from previous years – you can track your student’s forms.
For this pre-registration form you will need to know the following:
1. Group Name
2. Your name – please just have one group leader
3. Your email address that will be used throughout the registration process. Change your email address and you lose contact.
4. Your cell phone or daily number
5. The number of students you wish to have in your group.
6. The number of students for each program
NOTE: Don’t freak out. This can be changed, numbers added or subtracted. Space Camp just needs to know so they can reserve slots for you.
Group name
Your answer
Group leader name
Your answer
Group leader address
Your answer
Leader Email address
Your answer
Email address again
Your answer
Phone number
Your answer
Space Camp (Grade 4-6) # of slots
Your answer
Space Academy (Grade 7-9) # of slots
Your answer
Advanced Academy (Grade 10-12) number of slots
Your answer
Aviation Challenge Mach i (Grade 4-6) # of slots
Your answer
Aviation Challenge Mach II (Grade 7-9) # of slots
Your answer
Aviation Challenge Mach III (Grade 10-12) # of slots
Your answer
Robotics Camp (Grade 4-6) # of slots
Your answer
Robotics Academy (Grade 7-9) # of slots
Your answer
Total number of students
Your answer
Number of chaperones
Your answer
Chaperone 1 name
Your answer
Chaperone 2 name
Your answer
Chaperone 3 Name
Your answer
Chaperone 4 Name
Your answer
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