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June's Nomination for Jane's Nominate & Donate Celebration
This month as part of our celebration of my 70th and Homestead's 25th, We’re looking for nominations of dad’s – and fathers – men who have made a difference in your lives. The winner will get a copy of Homestead and be put into nomination for lunch on our homestead. Incidentally, when Jerry and I had our plane accident, my parents spent a month there taking care of us. My dad watered the trees we’d newly planted and we’d sit at the window and watch the neighbor’s beef cattle make their way down the ridge to water. We had no television or radio…so we watched the world around us to pass time while Jerry and I healed. So my dad has a connection to that homestead.

This is the link to read all about the 6 months of celebration!

There's only one nomination left for July:

July: Public Servants!!!! Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Peace Corps, Missionaries, Service Men/Women, or volunteers who have a passion and dream to serve others improve their communities and/or country.

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