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The McGowan Scientific Retreat's Technology Pitch Competition
The McGowan Technology Pitch competition seeks applications.

Pitching translational project research funding to potential sponsors can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is to concisely communicate the funding opportunity and to convey the significance of the work in the context of a commercial application. This competition is aimed at helping applicants to refine their translational project research pitches into a form factor that is typically used by industry sponsors.

Pitch Outline:
• Problem – What are the major clinical unmet needs, and what are the financial implications of not further addressing these unmet needs? What are the root causes (or drivers) of the unmet clinical needs?
• Solution – How will you address the unmet clinical needs – what is your solution? What is the significance of your solutions addressing the unmet needs?
• Differentiation – What will make your solution compelling in the marketplace? What are the key attributes that will distinguish your solution from other solutions (or the status quo)?
• Business Model – How will your solution be financially sustainable in the market (i.e. how will it make money)? What other solutions exist that are similar and how do those solutions make money?
You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to verbally communicate your pitch to address all 4 elements. No slides, props, or other visuals are allowed.

Your pitch will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Clarity of the Problem (have the root causes of the unmet need been identified and the significance of the problem clearly stated)?
• Specificity of the Solution (will the proposed solution likely address the root causes of the unmet need)?
• Is the Differentiation convincing such that the proposed solution would likely unseat the incumbent solutions (or the status quo)?
• Is it clear on how the solution will be financially sustainable in the market?
Judging will be conducted by the combination of an audience vote (50%) and 2 domain expert judges (50%).

Key dates:
• Submit letter of intent by January 17, 2020
• Conduct at least 2 working sessions with sciVelo by February 14, 2020
• Submit your Pitch in writing by February 28, 2020
• Finalists announced by March 6, 2020
• Pitch competition at the McGowan Retreat (March 9/10, 2020)

Awards are as follows:
• First Place - $2,500
• Second Place - $1,500
• Third Place - $500

Please complete the following intake form to be a participant in the Technology Pitch Competition. Please be as clear and descriptive as possible.

Information presented on the Intake form should be non-confidential and will be shared with technology commercialization specialists who will be in contact with you to discuss the preparation of your pitch for the Technology Pitch Competition.

Questions regarding the Intake form or the Technology Pitch Competition can be directed to Patrick Cantini at

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Solution to be Implemented: (Please provide a description of the solution and how the solution will address the root causes of the unmet need/problem. The solution should also address how your technology will unseat the incumbent technology. Finally, please describe how your proposed solution will be financially sustainable in the market.) *
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