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PFTM Application Form
PFTM is an organization providing information and caring support to Filipino Transgender Men since 2011. The group educates, promotes awareness and offers mentorship and friendly networking to members.

To help achieve our goals and to maintain an open, safe space on our page that welcomes both trans people and allies alike, we ask that the following guidelines be observed when interacting with this page.

1. We respect every member's privacy. Please do not show any inside information to non-members.
2. Please address everyone by their preferred names and pronouns.
3. Posting of non-related topics will not be allowed.
4. Irrelevant and unnecessary arguments or debates are discouraged.
5. Do not use the group's name for your own gain.
6. Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny, Racism are never allowed.
7. Sale advertisements are only allowed in PFTM Classifieds.

Fill up this application form so we can assess whether or not you would be a good fit within the group.
Please be as honest as possible. We are not judgmental people and there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers.
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Name (This is the name you want to be known by. We don't need to know your legal name.) *
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Contact number (mobile number) *
Facebook *Please put the URL of the facebook account you will use in joining the group. (Please be careful with this, sometimes others put in the link of the page. It should have YOUR facebook url. i.e., *
Status *
Please answer the following questions in your own words.
English or Tagalog is okay.
What is Transgender? Or who can be considered a Transgender person? *
What is FTM? *
What is your Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation? Please tell us both your personal Identity and orientation. *
What is the difference between trans men and  lesbians? *
Why do you want to join PFTM? *
What would you be able to contribute to the working group? Leave blank if not applicable *
Are you available for a meet-up? If not, are you available to chat/phone? Please indicate preferred times, places and methods. *
I agree that I will follow all rules of PFTM on both the page and the group if I will be accepted in. *
Thank you very much for expressing your intention to join our organization. We will evaluate your answers and will get back to you as soon as we can.
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