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2017-18 Budget Planning Feedback
Currently, the Oregon Legislature is planning to fund our public schools at approximately $2 billion dollars short of the national average. After more than two decades of declining public school funding and cuts to local schools, our community's schools will need an additional $600 million in the Oregon State School Fund to avoid program and personnel cuts.

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on budget and priorities for the upcoming 17-18 school year.

Email address
What best describes your role in our schools?
Our Board-adopted HRCSD Strategic Plan (the "20/20 Vision") provides a roadmap for district programming and student success: Have you reviewed this document prior to completing this survey?
The 20/20 Vision and the HRCSD "Educational Equity" Policy calls for a focus on equitable programming and resource allocations based on what students need - not simply distributing resources equally per child. What suggestions do you have for ensuring programs and resources are prioritized in this fashion.
The current Oregon Legislative K-12 Education budget proposal of $7.8 billion for the 2017-19 biennium is inadequate to maintain our current levels of educational program and personnel. Significant reductions will be necessary at this budget level. Please read each area on the left and select the description from the row above that best defines, for you, how important the area is for the schools and community.
Essential and critical to the school district’s mission
Very important to our mission and worth preserving at almost all costs
Good to have, but not essential for our district
Not important enough to preserve in a time of fiscal constraint
Adequate/Current Curriculum Materials
Counseling Support for Students
Up-to-date Technology in Classrooms
High School electives
Advance Placement (AP) Classes, like AP Physics or AP Calculus
Maintain class sizes
Clubs at the Middle and High Schools
Elementary School Physical Education
JV and Varsity Athletics
Community Education
Alternative Education Opportunities for Struggling Students
Elementary School Music
Middle & High School Music Programming
Dual Language /Spanish Immersion Programs
Summer School
Training for Teachers and Educational Staff
Foreign Language Programs at Middle Schools
Foreign Language Programs at High School
Programs focused on student/school safety
Maintain Number of Principals to Provide Daily Coverage at Every School
Adequate Custodial and Maintenance
Maintain Instructional Coaches
Preschool & Early Learning Programs
Fine Arts Programs
What are you willing to do to advocate for adequate school funding?
Please provide contact information if you would like to help raise awareness and/or participate in advocacy efforts for adequate school funding.
Anything else you'd like to share...
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