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Business Survey
We want to hear from you. Our newly created Economic Vitality Committee was created to help your business succeed and help recruit a vibrant and diverse business district. With that being said we need your input on how we can best serve you and the overall success of our downtown district. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. If you have further input, questions, and/or concerns we would love to speak with you. Please contact Nikki Lewis at or at 304.360.2171.
What best describes you? *
How many years have you owned a downtown business? *
How have your sales been compared to a year ago *
How would you describe your clientelle *
What type of business(es) would you like to see open downtown? *
What current or potential downtown businesses complement your business? *
What is the best thing about doing business in downtown Fairmont? *
What is the most challenging part of doing business in downtown Fairmont? *
What are your hours of operation? *
If open on weekends and/or after 5 pm would you recommend it to other business others? Why or why not? *
Which current special events in downtown increase foot traffic in your business and/or sales volume? *
What types of marketing and advertising do you find to be the most effective? *
What main street programs or initiatives do you find important *
What new programs would you like to see the Main Street Program develop? *
If you had a magic wand, and could change one thing about Downtown Fairmont, what would it be? *
Please provide additional feedback/suggestions on how we can better serve you and strengthen downtown Fairmont *
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