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Plant Care Inquiry
Thank you for reaching out about the care and well being of your plant! Below are some questions that will help us gather the information we need to troubleshoot any issues regarding the health of the plant. We'll reach back out to you shortly with our diagnosis and plant care tips. Thank you! - Greenery NYC
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What type of plant do you have? *
What kind of pot is it in? *
How many feet is your plant from the nearest widow? *
What Direction does the closest window face? *
When is the last time you watered your plant, and how much water did you give it? *
How frequently do you water? *
What symptoms has your plant been having? (i.e. leaf loss, discoloration, drooping) *
Please share some photos of your plant to help us get a better idea of your plants condition. Some detailed shots of problem areas along with at least one photo of the entire plant. *
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