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The Play Room - Blogger Application
The Play Room is a monthly, family-friendly gacha event. Each round opens on the 5th of the month, and runs through the last day of the month. **THIS IS A KIDS EVENT**

*Current bloggers in good standing will not have to re-apply for each round.

~ Join Seraphim Kids Event group upon acceptance. All information will be sent through the group. Blogger review copies will be available at the event in the blogger room during the entire round.

~ Link back to The Play Room page on your own blog roll. Use the link or logo with link, depending on your blog layout.

~ Join The Play Room Flickr group.

~ All items must be linked to the current round's location. SLurl must always be provided.

~ A total of three (3) items blogged spread over three (3) separate posts each round. More is always welcome and appreciated. One of which **must** be completed within (3) days of the event opening each month. (The first post can be completed before a round opens as long as it is clearly stipulated that the event is coming soon and not currently open.)

~ All blog pics must be posted to The Play Room Flickr group with a link back to your specific blog post.

~ A variation of designers/stores is vital for promotion of the event.

~ Pictures must be high quality and adequately show the item being blogged from the event.

~ You must try to advertise your blog. You can do this using facebook, flickr groups, other social media sites or syndications/blog feeds.

For more information about The Play Room, please read our Terms & Conditions.

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