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Application for PDH credits - Non-Gmail User
You are required to complete 30 hours of professional development (30 PDH credits) every three years. Use this form to submit a professional development COURSE, inservice, online training, or other NON-conference educational event for credits.

For a CONFERENCE, use and submit the correct tracking form found in the "Related Downloads" section of If the conference you wish to attend is not listed, use the one indicated for Non-Prepproved Conference or contact about getting the conference approved.

Currently, all fees for submitting PDH applications are being waived. However, submitting for credits from pre-approved courses or conferences will be much less work and will be quicker.
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1) Identify the course or other educational event you attended *
2) Total number of hours you are requesting (to the nearest 1/4 hour) *
3) Was this course pre-approved to provide PDH credits? *
If no, you will be directed to the next section for detailed information,
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