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GreenLatinos Core Priority Submission
The GreenLatinos Network convenes each year to, among other tasks, propose and vote on the core policy priorities of the network for the coming year. This form is for full GreenLatinos Network Members to submit their proposed policy priorities for consideration and voting at the 2017 National GreenLatinos Summit.

Submissions will be considered and voted upon by full voting members on the final day of the Summit. Members submitting a core priority for consideration must be present on the day of voting to place their submission for consideration before voting network members.
Please list the proposed core priority in a short sentence. *
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Please briefly describe how this proposed core priority will have national policy implications? *
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Clearly articulate why the timing is ripe over the next year for GreenLatinos to organize a campaign as a coalition on this proposed core priority. *
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Describe, with as much detail and supportive facts as possible, why this proposed core priority has an outsized impact on Latino communities specifically. *
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Please share how, by working in coalition, you believe that GreenLatinos can have a demonstrable impact on this issue? Include key deliverables that the GreenLatinos network could contribute to advancing this priority. *
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GreenLatinos relies on its network members to provide the leadership and accountability to meeting our goals on our core priorities. If this issue is selected as a core priority, are you personally committed to leading a working group on this issue? Are you aware of other Green Latinos Members that are willing to invest time and leadership? *
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