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2019 Heart-to-Heart Contest Entry Form
Thank you for your interest in entering our contest! Please make sure that you've reviewed the complete rules at

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Best of luck in the contest!
Deb Lee & Alex Massengale
2019 Heart-to-Heart Contest Co-Chairs
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I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the official rules of the SFA-RWA’s Heart to Heart Contest. I further understand and agree that any questions regarding the interpretation of the official rules and any matters relating to the Heart to Heart Contest which are not specifically covered by the official rules will be decided by the contest officials, and I will accept as final the decision of the contest officials in such matters. I also realize and accept that manuscript judging is subjective by nature. Accordingly, I will accept and abide by the decisions of any judges and/or contest officials regarding winners or runners-up in the contest. I understand and accept that ideas and titles cannot be copyrighted. I agree to hold harmless SFA-RWA, its contest personnel, and judges in any dispute arising from my participation in the Heart To Heart Competition. I also verify that I am the author of the enclosed entry, that it has not been accepted for publication by an RWA approved publisher at the time of submission, and that I have no other novel—length work in romantic fiction accepted for publication. By electronic entry, I understand that my signature is implied.
Please mail your submission to: Use the name of your category, manuscript contest entry and pen name as the subject of the email. Ex: "Romantic Suspense - Unforgiven - Jane Law"
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