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2016 Midcoast Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers
UPDATE (8/25): We are filled to capacity!

Camden's Midcoast Mini Maker Faire is a hands-on festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. We would love to hear about an activity you would like to share with the community.

The application process: Fill out this application with as much detail as possible. Please be specific! If your project is accepted, we will use the information you supply here for promotion on our website, press release profiles of you and your project, print materials, and to inspire people to attend.

Shortly after submission of the application, you will be emailed a confirmation that your application has been received. We will contact you with the admission status in early-to-mid August.

About the event: The 4th annual Midcoast Mini Makerfaire will be held Saturday, September 10 at the Camden Public library from 11am-3pm. Past events have attracted about 900 people each year, both local community members and visitors to the midcoast. Many of these visitors are families with elementary or middle-school aged children. This year we plan to host workshops to increase the adult participation as well as feature DIY projects targeted to adult makers.

First Name *
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Last name *
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Business name (if applicable)
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Email address *
Please note that we will communicate primarily by email, so it's really important that you check the address you give us.
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Phone number *
Best # to reach you. Ours is (207)236-3440.
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Maker Photo *
Please provide a URL to a link of a picture of yourself as you would like it to appear in the directory of Makers for 2015. Alternatively, please email with your name and the word "Application" in the subject line.
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Project Name *
The name of the project you want to exhibit -- this will be listed in the program and advertising
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Pitch your project *
Tell us about your project, and why it's a good fit for the makerfaire! Include a URL if there's more information available online.
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Formal Project Description (for publication) *
This description will be used in press releases and on our website, as well as in the printed event brochure/directory of Makers. Please be as specific as you can and think about how you would introduce yourself and your project to someone completely unfamiliar with it. (Minimum 50 words. You can copy your pitch if it's publication-ready)
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Does your exhibit include a hands-on activity? *
We prioritize projects with a hands-on activity.
Have you ever presented your project before? *
Will you be able to provide enough supplies for attendees to participating in making along with you? *
What age(s) is your project geared towards? *
Project Category *
What's the primary category of your project?
Electrical Needs *
If you have any electrical needs, please let us know. If you don't have a need at all, please indicate that.
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Wireless network needs *
Please let us know if you need a wireless internet connection for your project.
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Space Needs *
How much space does your project need?
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Does your project need to be on a level surface? *
Please rate the noise level of your project *
Tables and chairs for your exhibit's area *
Safety Issues *
Please provide us with as much as you can about safety issues. If there are no safety issues, please indicate that.
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Would you like to sell items at the Makerfaire? *
Anyone who wants to sell their product during the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire event must register as a Commercial Maker. You have to qualify as a Maker for the event in order to sell your wares. There is a $50 registration fee which is due within a week of your acceptance as a Commercial Maker. For all businesses and enterprises - advertising during the event is fine, but if you'd like to sell, please register. Thank you.
Items for Sale
Please describe any items you plan to sell.
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Please provide a link to photos of items you wish to sell.
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Please know that we, the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire at the Camden Public Library, respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone except as described below. *
How did you hear about the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire?
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Do you know someone who should apply to the Makerfaire?
Provide their email address and why you think they should apply for this year's Makerfaire. We'll send them an email.
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