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Limited Time 30% Bounus
Cryptocurrency transactions can be complicated. We understand this. If you have any complications or are unsure of exactly what to do, please contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are here to help you.
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Please Send Your Contribution In ETH For Your 30% Bonus To This Address: 0x06B2A447f9c30e6CD31Cbeee3e8D0bdCD37652A8
If you wish to contribute using other cryptocurrencies or tokens, please specify in the form field below.
Or contact us via one of our official emails or Telegram.
Please Be Safe When Using Cryptocurrency
Do not send to any other address. For inquiries, our only official email addresses are
Or Telegram at
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Must be the wallet you sent your contribution from. If you sent from an exchange please contact us so we can get your ERC-20 compatible address.
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Minimum Contribution Is 0.01 ETH
If you would like to negotiate for other currencies, tokens, or large amounts, please contact us via email or Telegram.
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If you would like to pay in any other currencies or tokens, please specify here or contact us via email or Telegram.
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