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Express Writers Managed Content Services Intake Form
Welcome to Express Writers!

We are so happy that you have selected our team for your managed (at scale) content needs. We look forward to getting started, and to expedite that process, we have a few questions we need answered so that we can get you set up for complementary project management.
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What is Your Brand/Agency Name? *
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Who is Your Main Point of Contact for Your Project Manager? What is their Email? *
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Do You Have Additional Team Members that Work on These Projects? If so, please list their names and email addresses (our project manager will share the Project Management master spreadsheet with these parties so that they have access). *
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How Will You Pay for Your Projects with Express Writers? (Please Choose from the Following) *
If you select invoice with bank transfer or Stripe payment, please let us know what email address we will use to send the invoice. Our CEO will be in touch with our banking information for wire transfers (if you have selected the transfer method). Email address for invoices:
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If you have selected invoices, please let us know the day of the month you wish to receive your recurring invoice and how many days you need to pay (i.e. net 30, net 10, etc.). Date of the Month for Invoicing:
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If you opted for direct deposit, you will login to your Express Writers account and go here: to deposit funds. Please let us know the main contact your project manager will reach out to when funds are too low to place further orders for your agency below. Agency Contact for Funding Reminders: *
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These questions will help us tailor an in-house training reference and a set of guidelines for your designated team of writers.
Do you have in-house SEO and style guidelines you want used on all of your content? If YES, please attach a Google Doc link sharing those guidelines with us here. If NO, we will use our standard in-house guidelines crafted by our CEO to create high-level, SEO optimized content for your company along with our in-house formatting guidelines. *
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Do you have samples of past work that we can use to help create a guideline for our writers on what you expect to see with your content? Please copy/paste links to Google Docs for these examples below: *
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Now we will ask a series of questions to help your project manager find the right team members for your managed content projects. We then test and train these writers to work on your content for consistency. You will also have a designated QA in charge of monitoring and editing all projects for your agency.
What services will you need from Express Writers? (You can choose all that apply)
What industries do you handle? (Select all that apply)
Do you prefer that we test writers before adding them to your team? If YES, do you have a preferred test we can administer? (If NO preference is provided, we will train writers here in-house and only use those that pass our in-house requirements to be on your team)
The Next Steps
Thank you, again, for taking the time to complete this form.

Your project manager will review it, and if there are any questions we will follow up via email. Next, we will begin setting up your Project Management Tracking Sheet (via Trello), sharing permissions with the names provided in the forms, and setup the accounting process.

You will also receive access to an Evergreen Input Form. You can use this form for projects submitted to Express Writers on your client’s projects. It provides our writers with details, such as POV, keywords, etc. to ensure you get all of the details in your first draft.

Your project manager will also start creating an in-house training reference and guide, handpicking writers based on answers in this form, and your team will be ready to go within the next 48-72 business hours.

Thank you for choosing Express Writers, and we look forward to helping you with all of your content needs!
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