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Clifford H. Smart PTSA Membership 2019-2020
The CHS PTSA is an important organization at your child's school. We help purchase items for the school and sponsor many of the activities that take place throughout the year. Activity Nights, G.A.P. Program, Reflections, Book Fairs, Staff Appreciation Week, Hoops for Heart, and copy room assistance are just some of the things the PTSA helps with at CHS.

We need everyone's support to make all these activities possible. Please join the PTSA to make a difference in your child's school life. The cost is $7 per member and you will receive a free student directory with your membership (non-member's pay $10 for a directory). Members can be students, parents, staff, etc. Joining PTSA does not mean you have to commit a lot of time -although we'd love to have you help out! What it means is that you care about your child's school and are committed to make it a great place for them to be.
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