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CANCER Who? Ambassadors Application
CancerWho ambassadors provide support to cancer patients and survivors. If you're interested in volunteering as an ambassador please complete the form below.
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Date of Birth
Do you know anyone with cancer? *
How did you hear about CANCER Who? Organization? *
Can you spare 10 to 15 hours out of the month to be an ambassador? *
Do you know how to operate Zoom? *
Do you have your criminal background, FBI and child abuse clearances? *
Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer? *
Do you have any relatives who are currently diagnosed with cancer or have survived the experience? *
Are you willing to take our interactive training course? *
Have you ever been to a Chemotherapy/Radiation treatment? *
If yes, what was your role, and what are some ways you were involved in the process? How did you help?
Would you like to support children or adults through their current experience with cancer? *
Do you own or have access to a vehicle for transportation? *
Why would you like to become a CANCER Who? Ambassador? *
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