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Reggae Vegan Fest - Vendor / Sponsor Application
If you are interested in being a vendor, exhibitor or sponsor at our festival - Please fill out the application below and our team will get back to you!

For more information, including options and pricing, please visit:

Does Your Business Qualify?
REGGAE VEGAN FEST Welcomes Sponsors & Vendors – Restaurants that are 100% VEGAN, or Product Lines that are 100% VEGAN, or Companies that are 100% VEGAN. ALL products and services exhibited, sold, or sampled at LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST must be 100% VEGAN, containing NO ANIMAL-DERIVED INGREDIENTS. This applies to all food and beverages, clothing, accessories, personal care, and household items. What Do We Mean by VEGAN? Our ANIMAL-FREE EVENT means LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST is free from any sales or consumption of flesh “meat”, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, refined sugar, casein, gelatin, whey, lanolin, wool, leather, feathers, & silk.
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