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Join Louisiana Prison Education Coalition
We are currently seeking members to join the coalition and start to build our collective capacity to support educational programming in prisons.

Who We Are: Our members include college faculty, administrators and staff, K-12 teachers and administrators, formerly incarcerated students and teachers, family members with incarcerated loved ones, policy makers, and concerned community members.

Our Mission: The Louisiana Prison Education Coalition(LPEC) is a group of people that are committed to increasing the educational opportunities for the 45,000 people currently in prison in Louisiana and all those directly impacted by the prison system. Through our collective power, we work to thoughtfully develop and implement programming to ensure that individuals can achieve their educational goals from early literacy through higher education. In addition to providing education in prison, we also seek to educate the public about prison in order build support for prison education and understanding for the impact of this system on our communities.

Our host organization, Operation Restoration, provides support and resources to build our coalition. To find out more about Operation Restoration or LPEC, visit their website (

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