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Ballard Elks Paddling Club
Ballard Elks Lodge 827
6411 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle, WA. 98107
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The Ballard Elks Paddling Club (BEPC) is an all paddle craft club open to any Ballard Elks Lodge

#827 member in good standing. There is a $10 annual membership fee per person to cover administrative

costs and to offset any club activities. The club's mission is to promote paddling as a fun,

community friendly activity, and to support a clean and accessible beach for BEPC and BPOE


Dues can be paid by check made out to BEPC and delivered to the club Treasurer or made via PayPal at (please select “pay family or friends” option). Please note there is a nominal processing fee for PayPal if you use a credit card.

If your spouse/partner would also like join, and is not an Elk's member, they can be added to your form, otherwise each person should fill out his/her own form. The fee for your spouse is an additional $10.

If you are interested in being placed on the wait list for board or kayak storage, you must be a paid BEPC member. Only one board/kayak storage spot can be held by each Elk's member. Yearly storage is $120. Non-Elk's members are not eligible for their own storage spot, but can share a member's storage slot if both boards fit in the 12" slot without impacting the neighboring spaces.

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