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As a craft brewer, I know that an adequate and reliable water source is essential to great beer. I also know that it is critical to healthy rivers, communities, the economy, habitats, birds, and other wildlife. This is why I support Audubon’s Brewers for the Delaware River Association and their effort to advocate for protection and preservation across Delaware River Basin.

To show my support, I would like to join the Brewers for the Delaware River Association. By joining, I understand that my brewery:

• will be a visible supporter of sustainable water management and healthy rivers.
• will be asked to share online action alerts, host events, sign onto conservation-focused letters to policy makers, and attend in person meetings.
• participation is entirely voluntary.
• will be given the opportunity to market to Audubon’s regional, statewide, and national audiences for advocating for the Delaware River.
• is not receiving an endorsement from the National Audubon Society or Audubon Pennsylvania. All logos, company/organization names, and other licensed marks will only be used when agreed upon by all parties. I look forward to being part of this coalition of conservation-minded breweries and supporting Brewers for the Delaware River Association’s work.

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