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ICC Pastors' Days of Prayer February 19-22 in Istanbul, Turkey
Prayer is vital to our ministries in the English speaking international churches of Europe. We strive to gather each year for focused days of prayer.

This year we will gather in Istanbul, Turkey from Tuesday, February 19 to Friday, February 22.

We will start with an evening meal Tuesday, so plan to arrive before 4:00 pm February 19.

We will spend the rest of the evening dining and praying and sharing tales of adventure, risk, pain and hope.

On Wednesday and Thursday we'll pray more, and focus our prayers on the city of Istanbul (as we focused on Prague last year). This does involve seeing the city and praying as we go through the city.

Thursday afternoon we will also have a very short ICC France association meeting (legally important).

Departure time would be anytime Friday February 22. Please resist the temptation to leave on Thursday!

Prayer sessions facilitated by men from the ICC Euro Leadership Team: James Arnold, Jim Carlson, Mike DiGena, Steve Henderson, Dan Painter and Mike Tilley.

The Euro Team will be staying over until Saturday morning, February 23 for planning and resourcing.

If two of you are coming from the same church/city, please register separately. Only exception is for married couples.

Housing will be in hotel as previously mentioned in an email. You are responsible for making your own reservations at

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