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Fora & Flow : Client Registration
Welcome to Fora & Flow 2019, the first opportunity to engage in a Liberty Collective leadership development experience. We are so pleased to be partnering with Savonn Wyland (Sellwood Yoga) and Gary Hirsch (On Your Feet) to create a unique and powerful week of whole-body learning, plenty of laughter, and a good dose of beauty and relaxation mixed in.

Upon receipt of your application (pending availability) you will be sent a welcome email and deposit invoice to secure your reservation.

Thank you for continuing to be an active and important part of the Collective. We are so glad to know you.

Our best

Owner, The Liberty Collective


Fora: Plural of forum. A place of assembly for the people

Flow: In yoga, we achieve flow through asanas, or postures, which stimulate energy pathways within the body, creating dynamic change

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