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Fall 2018 - Digital Citizenship - Grade 6 Pre-Assessment - Sippican
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1. A good way to protect access to any computer is to
2. Amy accidentally saw her teacher's password for the grading program used at school. Ethically, which of the following should she do?
3. Jamie purchased a new song from iTunes. Her friend asked her to make a copy. What should Jamie say?
4. Which is a safe way to use the Internet?
5. Which of the following is an illegal way to play music on a computer?
6. Why is it dangerous for a student to tell someone his or her password?
7. Which statement is false?
8. Rick Newsome is 13 years old and lives in Boston, MA. He loves chatting with people on the Internet. Which of the following screen names would give too much information about Rick to others?
9. Which information would be safe to share online? *
10. Which of the following is most likely an example of an Internet scam or fraud?
11. What is a way to show empathy towards someone who has been a target of cyberbullying?
12. Greg sees some negative Facebook posts about another student. He decides to share this with an adult. This is an example of being...
13. Lily sees Carlos and Jack posting something cruel about someone online but doesn't do anything about it. This is an example of being...
14. Theo sees his classmates sending mean text messages to another student. He does nothing about it. This is an example of being...
15. Kayla tells her teacher about an inappropriate picture of a classmate that she saw on Snapchat. This is an example of being...
16. You are in a class and you click on an advertisement that takes you to a website that is not school friendly. What should you do?
17. Avery sees an email from a stranger trying to sell him something. This is...
18. Carla has been messaging back and forth with her friend's cousin, whom she's never met. He says something that makes her uncomfortable and asks her not to tell her friend. This is...
19. Kayla replies to a fan of her music blog, answering a question about a popular band. This is...
20. Lauren is friends with someone whom she only knows online. Which question is a warning sign that Lauren should stop talking to this online friend?
(Check all that apply.)
21. Which of the following can be permanently deleted from the Internet? Select one.
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