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Wedding Agenda
Please note that if you are submitting this form within 48 hours of your event, please call our office at 561-790-5555 to let us know as well. Also, if you don't want to pick specific songs, you can absolutely leave it up to the DJ to choose just the right one for you.  Just type in "DJ's choice" and leave it to us!
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Email *
Kenny Mondo Productions
561.790.5555         Fax:  561.584.7766
Wedding Date *
Bride's Name *
Please include your last name.
Bride's Cell *
Groom's Name
Please include your last name.
Groom's Cell
Include city/st/zip
Bride's Email *
Groom's Email
Day of Contact Person's Name
Person to contact on the day of your wedding if we have questions.
Cell Phone
Wedding Coordinator/Planner
Cell Phone
Event Times (Important)
Please specify the total event times.  This info is important so we know we have the correct times for your entertainment.
What are the scheduled event times booked with your venue? *
What are the scheduled event times booked for the DJ? *
Guest Arrival, Number of Guests & Ages
Time of Guest Arrival
Expected Number of Guests
Approximate Range of Ages
Ceremony Details
Setup Requirements Reminder:  Client is to provide hard, dry covered area for setup.  If power source is not within 10 feet of equipment setup, client is required to run power or extension cord with power to setup area.
Are we to provide music for the ceremony?
Ceremony Times
Location of Ceremony
Example:  Church, Private Residence, etc.
Other Ceremony Location
Ceremony Music
Please note when supplying YouTube links for song choices, please let us know the song title & artist name along with each link in each section containing the link within this form.

Pre-Ceremony/Guest Arrival Music Style
If parents or grandparents would like a separate processional song, please list it here
Wedding Party Processional Song Choice
Bride's Processional Song Choice
Are you doing a Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony?
Clear selection
Song choice for Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony:
Recessional Song Choice
Cocktail Hour Details
Cocktail Hour Location
Example:  terrace, lobby, bar area, etc.
Other Cocktail Hour Location
Are we providing music for cocktail hour?
If so, musical style for cocktail hour:
Reception Details
Where is your reception taking place?
Include city/st/zip
Venue Contact Person
If private residence, please supply address here:
Reception Location
Introductions, dinner, dancing, etc. (example:  ballroom, pavilion, etc.)
Did you order uplighting from us for your reception?
If yes, what color would you like (please see below)?  If not and you would like to add them, please contact us at 561-790-5555 for pricing and color options or email us at
If so, what color would you like the uplights to be?
Should DJ control coordination and timing of event & formalities?
Whom should DJ take direction from?
Special Instructions
Please list in order of appearance for introductions into the reception.
Wedding Party Entrance Song
Please include song title and artist name.  (If separate song for each couple, please list song title & artist with each set of names below)
Bride's Parents
Bride's Parents Entrance Song
Groom's Parents
Groom's Parents Entrance Song
Bridesmaid 1 escorted by Groomsman 1
Bridesmaid 2 escorted by Groomsman 2
Bridesmaid 3 escorted by Groomsman 3
Bridesmaid 4 escorted by Groomsman 4
Bridesmaid 5 escorted by Groomsman 5
Bridesmaid 6 escorted by Groomsman 6
For additional Bridesmaids/Groomsmen, please list them below with a corresponding number for each.
Flower Girl
Ring Bearer
Maid or Matron of Honor?
Matron signifies a married woman.
Maid/Matron of Honor escorted by Best Man
The New Mr. & Mrs.
Bride and Groom Grand Entrance Song Choice For Reception
Please include song title and artist name
Special Dances
First Dance Song Choice
When to do First Dance?
Would you like the wedding party to join in during your First Dance?
Will the Bride be dancing with her father?
Bride/Father Song Choice
When to do Bride/Father Dance
Will the Groom be dancing with his mother?
Groom/Mother Song Choice
When to do Groom/Mother Dance
Toasts, Meal Type & Blessing
Will there be toasts?
Who will be giving the toasts?
Type of Meal
When is the meal scheduled to be served?
Meal blessing?
Who will be giving the blessing?
Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss
Cake Cutting Song Choice
Will the Bride toss her bouquet to the single ladies?
Bouquet Toss Song Choice
Will the Groom be removing the garter?
Garter Removal Song Choice
Will the Groom be tossing the garter to the single gentlemen?
Garter Toss Song Choice
Will garter be placed on bouquet recipient?
Bouquet/Garter Recipients Song Choice
Would you like to do a Money/Dollar Dance?
This is a fun way for guests to have an opportunity to dance with the Bride and place money in a special purse the Bride wears on her arm.
Money/Dollar Dance Song Choice
Would you like a lot of group participation?
List your favorite group participation songs here:
Do the Bride & Groom want to be encouraged to join in all group participation dances?
Musical Preferences
Some of our clients don't want to pick individual songs or artists, but would rather choose genres of music.  Please check off your musical styles below.
Check all that apply
Last Dance Song Choice
Final Details
Is there anything special you would like to take place at your reception?
Is there anything special you would NOT like to take place at your reception?
Preferred DJ Attire
Additional Comments
Submission Instructions
If you need to make changes or updates after you've submitted your agenda, please contact us by email or phone and we can make any updates or changes that you need and email a copy to you for review.  Please submit this form no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 561.790.5555 or email us at  We're here to help until 7:00 nightly.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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