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Greendale Elementary Schools: Safer Schools Report
Greendale Schools strives to provide a respectful, responsible, and safe learning environment for all students in our schools so that they may benefit to the fullest from the educational opportunities offered. We encourage students, parents/guardians, and community members to be partners in keeping our schools, including school sponsored activities and buses, safe.

Parents/Guardians and students are encouraged to speak to school staff including teachers, pupil services team, and administration when concerns arise. If you see or hear of something that threatens the safety of our schools or our students, please say or write something through direct contact with our school or using this form.

The intent of this reporting tool is to provide assistance to those in need of support. You may use this form to report the following:
Dangerous items or actions
Threats of unsafe or dangerous actions
Concerns about suicide or child safety

This anonymous (unless you choose to leave your name) reporting tool forwards your message to the appropriate school administrator so an investigation can occur and any appropriate actions can be taken. Please know that this form may not receive an immediate school response outside of scheduled school days and hours. If you are reporting a serious concern that requires an immediate response, please contact the Greendale Police Department at 414-423-2121.

This is an important and serious communication tool. Please note: There may be consequences for intentionally filing a false report.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our schools safe for all students and staff.

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