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Thank you for participating in this American Institute for Stuttering survey
What is your highest completed level of education?
1. What do you think causes most stuttering?
2. Which of the following statements is true of young children (under 5 years old) who stutter?
3. Which of the following statements is true of people who stutter?
4. Parents who have young children who stutter should:
5. When speaking with a person who is stuttering and stuck on a word, the majority would prefer you:
6. In what situations are people who stutter usually completely fluent?
7. What can a person who stutters do to make it easier to communicate with others?
8. You can become a person who stutters by imitating another person’s stuttering
9. Stuttering therapy is primarily for children
10. Some people are “covert stutterers,” and are able to hide their stuttering from others
11. What should you say if speaking to a person who is stuttering a lot?
What has been your level of interaction with people who stutter up until now?
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