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Pedagogical Project
The pedagogical project of ECO sMOOC should be Learner-centred:
- The learner has an active role.
- Knowledge is built through practice (creation, production) and reflection, and dialogue in a social collaborative context.
MOOCs should be open to anyone who wishes to participate. There should be no pre-requisite to be enrolled in the MOOC, however registration is mandatory.
Is the sMOOC open to the public (without restriction)? *
Are there any mandatory pre-requisites that are required to enrol in the sMOOC? *
Pedagogical design & learning pathways
Some of the "pathways" (tasks and routes) should be designed in such a way that they can be performed at different levels of difficulty or complexity, to account for the broad spectrum of participants’ knowledge and skills that is expected.
Is the duration of the sMOOC 4 weeks long? *
What is the estimated workload of the sMOOC? *
Estimated workload depends on the sMOOC, the learning goals and any certification. It is recommended to be no more than 15 hours/week
Can the sMOOC activities be done independently (in an autonomous way)? *
Are the sMOOC activities varied using different formats? *
Various activities should be proposed with different formats for example: quizzes, peer-to peer evaluation, video conferences (Google+/Hangouts), activities in the forums and platform social networks or external social network (Facebook, Twitter, Goole +)
Is the sMOOC an instigator of exchanges ? *
The sMOOC should intend to be the instigator of exchanges and of creation of knowledge and practices by its communities. Group activities should be proposed and all exchanges on the forums should be facilitated
Is the sMOOC realistic in its pacing for the participant, accommodating to the individuals personal rhythm? *
Does the sMOOC involve creation of knowledge and practices by its community? *
Does the sMOOC contain differing levels of difficulty, with different learning pathways? *
Is the first week dedicated to a familiarization process (introduction and guidance)? *
Does the pedagogical design plan contain numerous organised sessions (of units and pills)? *
Does each session start with an introduction to the contents? *
Typology of pedagogical resources
Resources provided as a starting point for the realization of the activities are licensed as 'Open Educational Resources' or freely available on the Internet.
Are various materials and formats used: Videos, presentation, text, internet links and supplementary material? *
What are the percentage of nuggets that begin with a video? *
What is the average running time for videos (across all course video session) *
Are the resources in Creative Commons with sub-licences adapted? *
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