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FirePony Creative Society Leadership Nomination Form
Hooray! Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the FirePony Creative Society* leadership team, or for nominating someone who you feel would be a great addition to the team.

At this time, we are recruiting for the FPCS Board of Directors.

* FirePony Creative Society is the trade name for Playa del Fuego, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in Maryland.



* Deadline for nominations: Wednesday October 16, 2019 - 11:59pm ET
* Open public comments: Friday, October 18, 2019
* Close public comments: Thursday November 7, 2019
* Interviews: November 8-11, 2019
* Vote: Week of November 11th
* On-boarding begins: Week of November 18th

As with any nonprofit oversight body, the function of the Board is to set policy and direction for the organization which are consistent with federal, state, and local laws, and to see that these policies are implemented and that all legal responsibilities are met.

All actions taken by the Board should align with the FPCS Vision and Mission Statements:

Attract, inspire, and nurture a diverse community to celebrate and encourage experiments in the creation of art, a culture of play, and the collective sharing of ideas and skills.

We build an interactive, experiential, sustainable environment that encourages a culture of play, artistic creativity and freedom of expression.

All Annual Reports, Incorporation Filings and Bylaws and be found here:

Meeting minutes, and Retreat reports can be found here:


Playa del Fuego board members are volunteers. Nevertheless, board members are expected to be actively engaged in the day-to-day activities of the organization year round. Board members are not responsible for planning the event, Playa del Fuego. However, due to their fiduciary duty to the organization, board members will step in when necessary to when the sustainability of the organization or safety of the participants may be impacted.

We are extremely grateful to our board members for their service to the Playa del Fuego community and we strive to provide whatever support we can. Serving on the PDF Board of Directors is both a serious responsibility and an opportunity for personal and professional development.

We expect that all board members will:

* Be familiar with board meeting minutes, organization bylaws, and annual reports prior to joining the team.
* Sign an annual contract agreeing to duties and expectations
* Agree to have your full real name listed on the FirePony Creative Society website.
* Dedicate a minimum of 12 – 24 hours per month to board and FPCS activities
* Commit to a 3 year term. Can be renewed for a maximum of a 6 year term.
* Prepare for and attend monthly board conference calls.
* Prepare for and attend PDF Planning Committee calls (at least one BOD member per PC call)
* Prepare for and attend Constellation Planning calls (at least one BOD member per call)
* Cast votes on important FPCS organization and governance matters as necessary.
* Attend the annual board retreat
* Read and participate in all board communications in a timely manner
* Within 24 hours unless on vacation
* Use online tools and resources to communicate, manage tasks, and stay current on goings on between meetings.
* Serve on a minimum of two sub-committees
* Work on additional projects outside of meetings
* Be active in strategic planning for short and long term goals.
* Participate in interviews for all board member nominees
* Serve as an ambassador for FirePony Creative Society in your local communities.

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