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Staff Writer Application for the Performing Arts Section of MultiMag
Hi! I'm Cayla, and I'm the Performing Arts Editor for MultiMag. I really looking forward to reading your application!
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As a staff writer, you are expected to fulfill the commitments of contributing regularly (once per week) to the Performing Arts section. You are also expected to be communicative, respectful and supportive on the staff. How do you think you will positively contribute to the MultiMag environment?
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Tell Me About Yourself! *
This can be a mini-bio, but I just really want to know a sense of who you are. You can tell me about your experience, but I am most interested in knowing why you think you would be great in this position. Why do you want this position? What aspects of performing arts most interest you? What can you provide in this position that no one else can?
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Sample Piece *
Please submit a short (300-500 words) sample of your writing. While a sample on performing arts is preferable, if you do not have sample, it can be about anything. I really just want to get a sense of your writing style!
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