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Earthskills Rendezvous Scholarship Application
Welcome to the scholarship application for Rivercane Rendezvous 2020, happening April 20-26!

The purpose of the ERI scholarship program is to increase the accessibility of Rendezvous' events to people with systemic/systematic access disadvantages. A systemic disadvantage is a condition where there is something in the system itself that gives someone or something an advantage over others. Systematic is a condition where someone or something gains an advantage over others because they are doing things in a specific way.

While many of us are challenged by modern culture, there are groups of people who have been profoundly effected by these kinds of disadvantages and inequalities, especially over time. That is who this fund was created to support. Included in these groups (but not limited to) are: Black/African American folks, American Indian/Native American/Indigenous folks, Hispanic/Latino(a) folks, Asian Americans, other People of Color, refugees, people with English as their second language and at risk youth.

Our goals are to:
->Help ERI better reflect the general population diversity
->Provide a free and supported ERI experience for those who could not come otherwise for reasons including financial hardship
->Serve as a bridge for scholarship recipients to become regular attendees and part of the ERI family
->Expand the pool of potential work traders, instructors, staff members, and leadership council members
->Encourage interest in earth skills/outdoor education in participant home communities.

Earthskills Rendezvous Inc., Mission Statement is to support sustainable lifestyles through educational gatherings, practicing experiential archaeology, primitive technology, and bioecology.

This is a need-based scholarship for people who cannot take a work trade position; if you are interested in worktrading, please apply at . The application period for Spring 2020 ends the night of March 15, 2020, and we will then review all applicants and make our final decisions by March 31. We'll be in touch soon after hearing from you. Thank you for your time, and for considering being a part of Rivercane Rendezvous!
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Do you teach on any topics or have special skills that you might like to share with REI (classes, singing, etc?)
Please tell us a bit about yourself, why you'd like to join us, and why you feel we should consider you for scholarship.
Thanks for contacting us! We'll call or email you shortly to set up a time to speak together. For more information about ERI, visit
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