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Bartender Boxing Organization Application
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Welcome to the Bartender Boxing Organization Application!
We are extremely excited to invite you to apply to participate in the Bartender Boxing Organization program!  This is part one of a two part application process for working bartenders 25-40 years old ONLY.  For the latest updates, go to and sign up for the email list!

Before we get started on the application, we'd like to throw everything out there so we are as transparent as possible.  There are a lot of rules, and regulations, and they're all designed to keep you safe over a three month training program.  This program costs a lot of money and time to produce, so we work with sponsors who not only take a lot of risk on a new program, but also bearing the enormous cost to produce this.  We ask that you show your appreciation for their commitment through mentions on social media, and not overtly working for competitive sponsor brands during the program.  We are recruiting working bartenders between the ages of 25 and 40 years old.

To become a boxer, you must be EXTREMELY physically fit.  It's not a sport, it's a lifestyle.  Because of this, we will be working you EXTREMELY hard for the three month training period.  This means working out almost every day (sparring, circuit training, and running), then going on to work your shift for 12 hours.  We promise, you'll be a much stronger person after we're done with you.  If we're able to offer you a spot on the team, we will expect you to finish, whether you're on the final teams or not.  Because of the possibility of injuries, unexpected life events, and the like, we have to have alternates.  If you're picked to be on the team, but not chosen to fight in the regional fights, you're still on the team as an alternate and we expect you to continue training with the team.  Trust us, the value of this program is not the final bouts, but growing with your EVERY DAY with your team.  We expect you to be at at least 90% of team trainings. The have space for six men and six women.

This is not Tai-Bo, this is real boxing.  At the end of this, you will be a USA Boxing amateur boxer.  This is technical, Olympic-style boxing, not heavyweight fights like on TV.  There are bloody noses, and black eyes, but there are very rarely any knockouts.  We are looking to share a skill, and a lifestyle, not an outlet for aggression.  Well, maybe some.  

We recruit Bartenders, not boxers.   All of our team members will have little or no experience with boxing.

The Bartender Boxing Organization was founded by Raj Nagra, and is all about teaching the sweet science of Boxing.  Our ambition (in addition to getting you in the best shape of your life), is to transform your lifestyle (or kick it up a notch) to help you become the best version of yourself possible.  Additionally, the mental gains and accomplishment for finishing the program, we hope, will thrust you into a life of health, and achievement personally and professionally.  Ask anyone who's finished the program, it's life-changing, intense and amazing.

In the following pages, we'll be asking you questions that are designed to help us assess your mental and physical ability to participate in this extraordinarily rigorous program.  All applications will be carefully considered, regardless of your place of employment, sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion.  Being that our fights are sanctioned by USA Boxing, we do have  age restrictions however.  We can only accept applications from those under 40 at the time of your fight.  Additionally, we will ask you questions about your weight, as we have to conform with boxing regulations and can only pair boxers with their own weight class to improve likelihood of a safe showcase (bout).  We ask that you be completely honest with us on your application, as your safety is our number one priority.  We are talking about boxing here, a contact sport.  You will, at some point get hit in the face, and our goal is to make this safe (beyond 16oz gloves, mouthguard and headgear), fun, and transformative as possible..  

ALL ANSWERS ARE ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL!!!!  Your responses will not be shared with anyone outside of the recruiting team at Bartender Boxing.  The recruiting team is made up of Bartender Boxing Leadership, with the cooperation of our sponsors.

A couple of rules we have to go by:

You must fight within your gender as defined by our sanctioning body.
You must fight within your weight class (within 10 lbs of your opponent)
Guys must shave beards for actual fights.  (This happens towards the end of the program)
You must be employed and live in the market of the fights.  Loss or change of employment does not disqualify if already enrolled in program, but moving cities does.
YOU MUST HAVE VALID IDENTIFICATION, preferably a passport.  There is a possibility of international travel.
Performance enhancing drugs legal or illegal are strictly forbidden and subject the boxer to immediate removal from Program.

Bartender Boxing Organization has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.  Bartender Boxing Organization reserves the right to discontinue the program with any boxer for any or no reason.

You must be AT LEAST 25 years of age, and a legal resident of the United States to participate.

This portion of the Application is not an offer for a slot on the team.  The next step in recruiting is we set up a call or in-person assessment to chat and make sure you understand what we're asking of you, and to walk you through the whole program including specific dates, and times.  Everyone who fills out this form will get a response at one point or another.  

By applying, you're also opting in to our email list.  You can opt-out at any time.

Thank you!

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