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Dinner Eights Fellowship Sign-up
Our “Dinner Eights Fellowship” (dinner for groups of eight) is a wonderful way to provide an unique fellowship opportunity at Clemmons Moravian in order to give church members a chance to get to know each other outside the church setting!! Fill out and submit this form and you will be assigned a dinner group by the beginning of July 2017. The group (headed by your dinner captain) will help schedule two dinner outings during the next six-month period (once in the Summer and once in Fall-Winter). The goal is not fancy dining — but fellowship and fun! Any eatery may be selected in the area, or a group could even host at a home (cookout, potluck, etc.) if they choose. All expenses are the responsibility of the individuals participating. This is sure to be an exciting way to get to know your brothers and sisters in fellowship! Sign up today.
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