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NYC Summer Campus MTP
Join us this summer for an incredible time of personal growth and training in Campus Ministry Leadership!

This is intended for anyone whose ultimate desire is to devote their talents, gifts and resources to growing the church on a full-time basis one day.

We hope to boost your faith, build relationships and bolster your effectiveness as a leader in Campus Ministry towards your dream of being a Campus Minister.

June 1 - August 13
Weekly Meetings: Sunday 3-6pm (Location TBD)
*Outside the meeting your schedule will be determined within the Region you are part of.
Encouraged participation in MTA Camp (May 29-June 1)
Encouraged to be a counselor at Teen Camp (August 12-18) or Pre-Teen Camp (August 19-25)

To participate: Submit application below and email ( a letter of recommendation from your ministry leader or Evangelist.

Application and Recommendation DUE BY March 31
You will be notified in response BY APRIL 14th

*This program is on a volunteer basis although being in the program is free!

Any questions please email:

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