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OREGON LABOR FORWARD: Feedback on the Future of the Oregon AFL-CIO
As we build our campaign and prepare to lead, we want to hear from you about your vision for the Oregon Labor Movement and your State Federation. By better understanding the way affiliated unions view the Oregon AFL-CIO and value the role we play in supporting working people and fighting for a fair and just economy, we can build an even stronger, more effective Labor Movement in the years to come.

What do you think the most important role is for the Oregon AFL-CIO to play over the next ten years?
How does your union view and value the State Federation?
What can we improve upon in the years ahead?
What are new ideas you have for strengthening Oregon's Labor Movement?

Thanks in advance for your engagement, and we look forward to working closely with you to build an even stronger Oregon AFL-CIO and voice for ALL Oregon workers!

Don't hesitate to reach out directly with ideas and feedback as well at

In solidarity,
Graham & Christy

From your union's perspective, what is the role of the Oregon AFL-CIO? *
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What Oregon AFL-CIO programs are most important to your union? *
What are three of the most pressing challenges facing your union in the coming years? *
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How can the Oregon AFL-CIO support your union/members as you navigate these challenges in the coming years? *
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From your union's perspective, what changes or improvements would you most like to see at the Oregon AFL-CIO in the coming years? How can the State Fed best prepare for the future? *
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The economy is changing at a rapid pace with automation and technology further threatening many industries and jobs, and exacerbating economic inequality. Our Movement must be on the cutting edge of the policy and political fights ahead in order to protect working Oregonians and prepare for these economic changes. What are your ideas for how the Oregon AFL-CIO can help lead in this area? And what does your union need to best prepare for the economic changes of the future? *
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What are some of the most pressing challenges facing all working Oregonians and how can the Oregon AFL-CIO position itself to tackle those challenges? *
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Other feedback for us? Suggestions? *
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