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Scenic Hill Member Survey
For members of the LDS Scenic Hill Ward in Kent, WA, please complete this survey. You can submit one per person or one per family.
Your Schedule
Make sure your contact information is updated on your profile
What is the best method to reach you with announcements?
What is the best time for you to be visited?
This would include visits from leadership or from your home / visiting teachers.
Your answer
What is the best time for you to visit others?
This would include times when you can go home / visiting teaching.
Your answer
Are you willing to be a Substitute in Primary?
Select all that apply. Manuals are online but prepared lessons can also be provided at the last minute.
What are your strengths and talents?
Your answer
Other languages?
Do you speak or write any languages other than English?
Your answer
What would you like to learn more about (through a ward activity, for example)?
Your answer
Disaster Preparedness
Please enter the skills and equipment that would be useful during a disaster.
Your Full Name
Your answer
Names and Ages of Household Members
Your answer
Emergency Contacts
In the event of a disaster, who will check on you in the first 60 minutes? This should be 3 people who will be physically close to you, such as family members or neighbors. For each contact, please include name, address, email, voice / telephone, and text number.
Your answer
Are you Vulnerable?
"Vulnerable" includes seniors, people with health problems, people with special needs, latch-key children who might be at home when parents are not, or people who live in the Valley who might have difficulty getting up the hill within 2 hours. Please elaborate on any medical conditions, medications, etc., that might need urgent attention in the event of a disaster. Do your family members and neighbors know what to do?
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Skills / Knowledge
Other Skills / Knowledge
If you have skills or knowledge not listed above that might be useful in a disaster, please elaborate.
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Equipment / Supplies
Other Equipment / Supplies
If you have equipment or supplies not listed above that might be useful in a disaster, please elaborate.
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Personal Preparation
How prepared are you for a disaster?
Personal Preparation Summary
Please summarize the level of your personal preparation. What else do you need to do to prepare?
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