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FoOT Trail Maintenance Report
This form is be used by FoOT Members or their guests who are reporting work completed on trails under the care of FoOT. These trails are the Ouachita and Womble trails.

There are three reasons we ask for a Maintenance Report from FoOT Volunteers:
1. We collect Volunteer Hours, mileage driven, and gender information needed by the USFS. They are required to submit this information in their volunteer reports and the information helps them maintain support for volunteer programs. It will also be helpful to FoOT in showing how much we contribute when we apply for funding grants in the future, or need help from other groups.
2. We want to maintain the database on current trail status. This is a real service to Ouachita Trail users and will help FoOT generate future support. In the time we have had this information on the website, we have had a remarkable number of people interested and asking questions.
3. We want to know what work FoOT, the USFS, or the state parks need to plan on doing.

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Maintenance date *
Where maintenance was performed *
List mile marker from and to. For example: MM 20.6 to MM 25.1. PLEASE include tenths of a mile.
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Total auto miles traveled *
Include round trip TOTAL mileage for ALL vehicles driven to the trail. For example, for 2 vehicles each driven 50 miles, enter 100.
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Number of volunteers *
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Number of hours spent in volunteer capacity PER PERSON, including time spent traveling. *
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Total volunteer hours *
Multiply Number of volunteer hours per person by number of volunteers.
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List names of volunteers
Indicate if a volunteer was a guest.
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Number of male volunteers *
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Condition of trail upon completion of maintenance *
GREEN - trail is clear; no significant obstacles to foot traffic. YELLOW - trail has some impediments; needs maintenance. RED - trail difficult to follow; treacherous trail surface or numerous impediments.
Additional comments
Include maintenance left undone that you intend to complete at a later date, such as blazing.
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Additional assistance needed on this section
PLEASE include a complete description of additional assistance needed in the next question. Note on "Very large tree across trail" below: For a downed tree, describe below how big, how high and how hard to get around. Trees could be step-over's, climb-over's or those that are truly blocking the trail and require going around. For a go-around, describe how hard it is to go around (e.g. on the side of a steep hill). Adopters are encouraged to carry a hand saw to remove trees up to 8-inches in diameter.
Describe additional assistance needed
Describe and provide location (approximate mile marker number to the nearest TENTH of a mile) of items that require additional assistance from FoOT or the US Forest Service. If possible, send photos of the problem via Email, as described in the next question. Again, PLEASE provide a complete description.
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Do you have additional information or photos to send? *
If yes, please Email to
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