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Industry Update Readership Survey 2019/20
We are keen to understand more about our readers so that we can continue to produce market leading products such as Industry Update magazine, website and videos and all other associated products that are relevant to the needs of the Australian manufacturing industry in the 21st century.

Your answers to the following questions will help shape the future direction of Industry Update, so please be accurate... we do want to know what you think!

By completing the survey you will have the opportunity to enter into a draw to win one of ten $100 pre-paid Visa cards by leaving us your contact details. You are welcome to submit your answers anonymously. But if you do supply contact details, your answers will not be associated with those contact details.
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1/12 Where did you first see this survey? *
2/12 Once you have seen an advertisement in Indutsry Update Magazine and want to respond to the advertisement, what is your preferred method of response to contact the advertiser? *
3/12 Including yourself, how many people typically read or look through your copy of Industry Update? *
4/12 How frequently do you visit the Industry Update website? *
5/12 Do you prefer reading Industry Update in magazine format or online? *
6/12 How much do you agree with the following statement? *
Reading a magazine like Industry Update delivers me highly relevant content that I would not find from an online search.
7/12 Do you think that Industry Update Manufacturing Magazine is the best manufacturing in Australia? *
8/12 What is your gender? *
Recent reports have shown that while the manufacturing industry continues to be heavily skewed towards males, the representation of other genders is slowly on the rise. We are interested in how this has carried over for those who consume our content and services.
9/12 What is your age group? *
10/12 What is your job function? *
e.g. Production Manager
11/12 Have you ever contacted or made a purchase from a company featured in Industry Update? *
12/12 Are your buying decisions influenced by advertising or content you see in Industry Update? *
Thank you for completing the survey. You have the chance to win a one of ten $100 pre-paid Visa cards by leaving us your name and email on the next page. Would you like to proceed? *
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