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US Quidditch Cup 13 Open Division Application
If your team is not interested in earning at at large bid for US Quidditch Cup 13, and instead want to be included in the Open Division, you may fill this form out to express interest. The application is due by February 28 at 11:59pm ET. Completing this form does not guarantee your team a spot in the Open Division. Teams will be notified shortly following the at large bid selection whether they are invited to compete in this division.

The open division does not have any season play requirements. Any collegiate member team is eligible to participate in the division, even if they did not attend a regional championship.

Teams who fill out this open division form will receive priority selection to play in the division over teams who attempt to earn an at large bid.

If more than 16 teams apply for an open division bid, priority selection will be given to those who have completed season play requirements or competed at a regional championship. Open division play will take place whether there are a full 16 teams or not. Teams can expect to play throughout the day Saturday and early Sunday.

The Open Division will be a 16-team division that is not included in the competitive tournament. Only college teams are eligible to play in this division. Teams will be able to play each other at US Quidditch Cup 13, but will not be eligible to win the tournament. There is no prize given out to the best team(s) in the Open Division.
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By completing this form, you are stating that your team is not interested in earning an at large bid to US Quidditch Cup 13, and is instead only interested in the Open Division.
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