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2018 PRO Chess League - Free Agents
If you are looking for a team and want to join the 2018 season of the PRO Chess League, fill out this form! Once you fill this out, all PRO Chess League teams will have your email address and be able to contact you.

If you want to try to form your own team and compete in the PRO Chess League Qualifier on October 28th, go to this form instead:

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Residence (Where do you live? Country and City?) *
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FIDE Title (GM, IM, FM, WGM etc. Type none if not titled) *
FIDE Rating (2000 is the minimum rating to be added to our Free Agent List) *
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How much would you expect to be paid per match? We have a lot of potential Free Agents, so if you want to increase your chances to play, this should be lower. If you are happy to play for free, just type 0, and your chances of finding a team if rated above 2500-2600+ are very high! (Recommendations based on other Free Agents: If Under 2500 $0, 2500-2600 $0-$100, 2600-2700: $0-$150, 2700+: $0-$500+) *
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