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Decleration of responisibility
Klatreverket Kristiansand
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Egenerklæring og sikkerhet
Everyone must sign this Decleration of responsibilit so it is obvious that you have read and understood -  and will follow the safety rules at Klatreverket. For those under 18 year the parents must sign.
Klatreverket Kristiansand is responsable for all the installations and equipment, and that the staff is qualified according to the standards of Norges Klatreforbund. Nevertheless, as a climber, you accept some sort of risk, and you are yoursellf responible for your own safety by acting responsible and follow our safety rules and use equipment correctly. Children under 13 years must be accompanied by adults at all times. Young people between 13 and 17 can be using the gym without adults following, as long as the parents has signed this Decleration of responsibility.
Safe stay at Klatreverket
Safety rules
All climbing takes place at your own risk. Everyone must sign that they have read, understood and will obey the safety rules before climbing at Klatreverket. People between the age of 13 and 17 will need their parent’s signature. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. The adult carries the responsibility and has to make sure that the child understands and obey the safety rules.
When on the premises of Klatreverket
* ●  No running. 

* ●  Remember use of indoor voice. 

While climbing 

* ●  Avoid carrying any potentially loose items. 

* ●  Avoid holding on to bolt hangers, carabiners and other metal installations. 

* ●  All climbing must take place with UIAA approved equipment (CE-approval).


* ●  You are responsible to get instructions from the staff before using autobelay. Please consult the reception. 

* ●  Always remember to do a buddy check before you leave the ground. For children under the age of 13, the adult carries the responsibility for the buddy check. 

* ●  If you do not have a certification card for top rope or lead climbing, you are responsible to make sure that your harness is worn correctly. Please consult the reception or a climbing guard. 


* ●  You are responsible for following the boulder safety rules, listed on the poster " Buldrevettplakaten ". 

* ●  You are responsible that others who are bouldering do not fall on you. 

* ●  Avoid staying in falling zones. 

* ●  The mattress is only meant for falling, no playing or gymnastics are allowed. 

Rope climbing

* ●  You are responsible to know and follow the safety checkpoints for rope climbing, listed on the poster “ Klatrevettplakaten ”. 

* ●  Respect the duty to yield: People on the ground are obliged to yield for climbers that are already on the wall. 

* ●  Everyone is allowed to climb using top rope or lead climbing on all our walls, assuming that the person who belays follow the following rules: 
To be able to belay, you must have a certification card for top rope (Topptaukort) or lead climbing (Brattkort).  

Lead climbing
* ●  From the 2. quickdraw, to the top anchor, all intermediate quickdraws must be attached. 

* ●  Our top ropes shall not be used for lead climbing. 

* ●  Never put more than one rope through the top anchor. 


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