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Questionnaire bike services
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Bicycle services correspond to the use of bicycle, whether it is outside a journey (purchase assistance, rental, maintenance, hosting within a structure, etc.) or during a journey (information, maintenance, etc.). This questionnaire aims to identify bicycle services that could be developed, in addition to the cycling network to guide visitors in their cycling experience within our territory.

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Place of residence (country) :
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Choice of stay
1. Why did you come on holiday in this region (multi-replies possible)? *
2. How long are you staying? *
Your displacements in this region
3. What is your biking level? *
4. Do you use bicycle during your stay? *
5. If yes, what for?
6. What reasons stops you to use bicycle on a daily basis? *
7. What reasons do you use or would you use bicycle for? *
Your opinions and suggestions
8. What services would you bring to become a cyclist or improve your cycling trips? *
9. During holidays in other areas, do you use the bicycle? *
10. If yes: Which bike service has you most satisfied? Where?
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11. Do you know the "Accueil Vélo" label? *
12. If you chose to spend your holidays by bike, would an "Accueil Vélo" label influence your destination? *
13. Do you use bicycle for daily commuting (home-work / school, shopping, etc.) in your city of residence? *
14. Which bike services do you think are essential to make these trips?
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Thank you for your participation
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Learn more about the cycling plan: rubrique « se déplacer à vélo »
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