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IHPA / UHPC Record Flight Claim
Pilots should use this form to register a Record Flight Claim for a flight flown anywhere on the island of Ireland. FAI Section 7d rules and local (IHPA/UHPC) regulations will be applied by the IHPA / UHPC when ratifying record claims.
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First Name
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Last Name
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Email Address
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Mobile Phone No.
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National Association Membership
Pilot Rating or License
Please give details of your current National Pilot Rating or FAI/CIVL IPPI equivalency
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Make and Model of glider
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Type of Record Flight
Please select one or more flight record types.
Flight Track Log IGC File
Please provide the URL link to your flight track log if it is stored on Leonardo / XContest / OLC or another on-line database server. If you cannot provide a URL link then please email your IGC file to and enter "IGC file emailed to you" here. If you cannot provide a valid igc file then please enter "See witness details below." and enter your witness details in the next information field.
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(Optional) Flight Declaration Details
If you are claiming a Declared Flight Record then please specify how you declared your flight prior to launching. The normal methods for recording a flight declaration are: Text message to any IHPA or UHPC Officer, Post a message to the IHPA Facebook page, Post a message to the IHPA or UHPC mailing list, or post a message to either of the IHPA HG or PG WhatsApp groups. The time stamp on your flight declaration message must be before your takeoff time.
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(Optional) Takeoff & Landing Witnesses
If you do not have a flight instrument capable of recording your flight, or are otherwise not able to provide a valid igc file then you need to provide the names and contact details for at least one person who witnessed your takeoff and one person who witnessed your landing or can verify your landing location. You will also need to provide map co-ordinates of your launch and landing places.
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Location of Departure Point
Please give the name of the location you launched from
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Please feel free to provide any further details about your flight here.
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