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Elective Selection for Taft 2019-2020

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Hello! My name is Ms. Eiter and I'm the counselor at Taft Middle School. I am here to help you submit an ONLINE request for your elective choice as a 6th grade student at Taft! Are you ready to begin? *
Once I see a smile on your face and are looking up front at me, we will begin! :-) *
What is the name of your CURRENT school? Please click on your school name. *
IF there is to be a THEATRE class at Taft next year, would you be interested? If so, I will contact your parent to be sure its okay to take rather than the other class you selected with your parent. *
What is your FIRST CHOICE elective that you and your parent selected for your 6th grade year? *
What is your SECOND CHOICE elective? *
SLIM -Spanish
What is your THIRD CHOICE elective? *
What is your LAST name? *
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What is your FIRST name? *
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What is a phone number where your parent can be reached if there is a question about your schedule? *
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What is parent's/guardian's LAST NAME? *
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