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Student Acceptable Use and Safety Guidelines
Minerva Local School District provides Internet services to its staff and students. The District’s network has a limited educational purpose, and has not been established as a public access service or forum. Use of the District’s devices, network or Internet services are governed by the following principles and guidelines.
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Users are encouraged to use the network for educational purposes. Use of the network is a privilege, not a right. Online conduct must be responsible, efficient, ethical and legal. Behavior on devices, network or Internet is expected to be just as it is in classrooms, hallways and other school premises. School rules for behavior and communication apply. Parents are encouraged to discuss their values with their children so that students can make wise decisions regarding use of the network in accordance with their personal and family values in addition to the Student Code of Conduct. For more information on keeping your child safe online, visit
Scope/Definitions *
Online State testing is mandatory in Ohio, and much of our curriculum and assessment software is only available online. The District utilizes an Internet filter which helps block materials that are inappropriate or harmful to minors, as defined by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. However, The Internet can potentially expose classrooms to electronic information resources that have not been screened by educators. Devices that fall into the scope of this agreement include but are not limited to any computer, ChromeBook, iPad, MP3 player, storage device, cell phone, or camera owned by or in the possession of any person on the property of the District and include hard-wired, fiber and/or wireless connections. This agreement applies to any online service provided directly or indirectly by the district. Examples include but are not limited to Google Apps, social media, and curriculum-related sites. Users agree to abide by any license agreement established with a third party. Here is more information on Google Suite for Education and Google additional services such as Youtube, Maps and Blogger
Privacy/Monitoring/Confidentiality *
Users have a no expectation of privacy in the content of their personal files, emails and online activity. The Board reserves the rights to monitor, review and inspect content residing on or sent using its network or premises.
Disclaimers *
The Board makes no warranties that the information provided through the network will be error-free. The Board is not responsible for damage a user may suffer, including loss of data, service interruptions, or exposure to inappropriate material. The Board may not be able to technologically limit access to only those services that have been authorized for the purpose of instruction, study and research related to curriculum. A user may be able to gain access to services on the Internet that are not authorized for educational purposes. Some information and communications on the Internet may be found to be inappropriate, offensive, objectionable or controversial.
Guidelines & Prohibited Practices *
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Student may not allow classmates to use your accounts.
Student may not intentionally seek information, modify files, data or passwords by misrepresenting other users on the network. 
Student may not use the network to engage in “hacking” or other illegal activities such as cheating, plagiarism, theft or falsification of records.
Transmission of any material in violation of any state or federal law or Board policy is prohibited.
Any use of the network for commercial purposes, advertising or political lobbying is prohibited.
Cyberbullying is prohibited. For more information on cyberbullying, please refer to
Copyright/Ownership *
All copyright issues regarding software, information and acknowledgement of authorship must be respected.
Consequences *
The Superintendent is responsible for determining what is unauthorized or inappropriate use. Inappropriate usage may result in cancellation of the privilege, disciplinary action consistent with the Student Code of Conduct, and/or civil or criminal liability.
Media Consent *
I hereby give Minerva Local School District permission to publish my child's photograph, projects or achievements online in media releases including but not limited to newspaper articles, district web site, district-managed social media, yearbooks and professional presentations. If I deny consent, I must notify the Superintendent in writing.
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By entering my child's Student ID below and submitting this form, I have read and agree that my child will abide by the policies stated in this document, and I have discussed them with my child. As a user of the Minerva Local School District’s computer/network or Internet, my child will communicate in an appropriate manner, honoring all laws, restrictions and guidelines. This document will remain in effect until the relationship with the student member is severed or a new form is required.
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