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Declaration for Dissolution of the “United Nations Command” in Korea
We are working very hard to achieve peace and reunification on the divided Korean Peninsula. However, the U.S. is preventing the free inter-Korean exchanges and cooperative projects, such as railroad and highway connection, by using the fake “United Nations Command” (a.k.a. “UNC”).

The “UNC” in South Korea is not a subsidiary body of the United Nations, but just a tool of the U.S. military which is abusing the UN name.

Thus, we are waging an international campaign to declare the dissolution of the “UNC,” which is creating obstacles against permanent peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

We are looking for active participation in this campaign by concerned groups and individuals at home and abroad.

<International Campaign to Abolish the Fake “U.N.Command”>
(Rep. Kim Jong-hoon, The Tomorrow, Lawyers for a Democratic Society Research Committee on USFK Affairs, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Minjung Party, Action One Korea, Lee Si-woo Photographer, National Federation of Peasant Society, Anti-War Peace Enactment National Action, Korea International Peace Forum, Peace Mothers of Korea, People's Congress for Korea Peace Federation, Citizen's Solidarity for Peace & unification, Korea Progressive Solidarity
International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Confederation of Lawyers of Asia and the Pacific, COLAP, Forum for Peace, Human Rights and Environment)
Veterans For Peace (U.S.)

June 2019


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