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Information Table and Statement letters
Please fill in the form correctly otherwise it will affect coin listing. Only accept ERC20 token.
1. Project team leader, his/her profile, and contact information(Please provide telephone & email) *
2.1 Project Name *
2.2 Project official website *
2.3 Link to the latest version of the project white paper (Any revising will affect coin listing) *
2.4 Brief introduction of the project (Under 400 words) *
3.1 The name of the project tokens, as is available in Coinmarketcap and/or Etherscan (for ERC20 tokens) *
3.2 Is the project tokens based on ERC20? *
3.3 Please provide the latest smart contract address *
3.4 The total amount of tokens. If the total amount of tokens is not fixed, please provide how your token supply could change according to various conditions *
3.5 Token circulating supply *
3.6 Please describe project token distribution plan *
3.7 Token decimal *
3.8 Will the issued tokens be locked or partly locked? If so, for how long and what are the conditions for unlocking? *
3.9 TokenVault/TokenLock smart contract address(if the locked token didn't lock in the token smart contract) *
3.10 The smart contract code review (or code auditing) report online adress for both token contract and tokenVault contract *
4.1 Plan for the private sales of project tokens and how much was completed
4.2 Pricing of tokens in private sales? (How many tokens equal to 1 ETH or 1 BTC ? ) *
4.3 Project valuation after its private token sales
4.4 Time of the project's public token offering (ICO)
4.5 Project tokens ICO price
4.6 Project ICO Upper limit and / or lower limit
4.7 Completion status for the project ICO
4.8 Are your tokens traded at any crptocurrency exchanges? If so, which exchanges are they traded at?
4.9 Any undertaking that the value of token will increase *
4.10 Any undertaking involves the buyback of the tokens, the reward to token holders, and any dividend, equity interest, or debtenture allocated to token holders *
4.11 Any undertaking that token will be traded on any second market *
4.12 Any statement that buying tokens is kind of investment *
4.13 Any vote right is granted to token holders, and whether such vote right entitles token holders to affect the disposition of the assets of the project team, the project or any third party
4.14 If there are any terms & Conditions or user agreements from the project that limit the token participants to specific groups professionally and geographically )
5.1 The incorporation legal documents of your project's major legal entity
5.2 Legal opinion recognizing your project tokens as utility tokens (Formal legal opinion of top 20 legal firm of this industry based on the latest whitepaper that token shall not be viewed as security within relevant jurisdiction, especially The united states, HK, Singapore)
5.3 Project White Paper (the latest version)
5.4 Please sign the attached statement of undertaking and revert a photocopy of it in email for the time being
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Notice:If "The incorporation legal documents of your project's major legal entity", "Legal opinion recognizing your project tokens as utility tokens" and other related information did not fill in the upload, please complete. It can be sent to in the format of "project name + data name".
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