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Deaf Spectrum's Deaf Artists Workshop Series
We’re introducing a workshop series for Deaf artists starting Fall 2022!

The topics of the workshop series are...

Professional Writing
Grant Writing
Creative Writing

Each workshop series will last four weeks. There are three potential options on how to participate:

Option 1: Group Study With Scheduled Live Workshops
Available for Professional Writing Workshops, Grant Writing Workshops, Playwriting Workshops, and Improv workshops.
Option 2: Self Study
Available for Professional Writing Workshops, Grant Writing Workshops and Playwriting Workshops.
Option 3: In-Person
A possibility for Spring 2023 in Toronto, Ontario. Not yet confirmed.

The scheduled live workshops will be taken on zoom and recorded. We’ll use the Teachable platform to access our course materials and recordings. There will be homework assignments that you will need to complete. The workshop facilitator(s) will be able to provide feedback.


It is free! However, there is a limited number of participants.

When will the workshops be held?

September 2022: Professional Writing Workshops

October 2022: Grant Writing Workshops

November 2022: Creative Writing

December 2022: Playwriting Workshops + Improv (there will be an additional google form for this activity)

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are for Deaf artists and writers who use ASL. These workshops will not have voice-over interpretation or closed captioning. These are ASL-only spaces and that’s something that’s so rare.

The workshops are open to Deaf Canadians living in Canada only.

If you need assistance to fill out the form in ASL, one of us can help you. Please email for assistance.

For full information in English, go to this link:

For full information in ASL, check out this vlog below.
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